Anupam Mishra ji : Gandhian and Environmental activist  http://greenfeatures.blogspot.in/2017/01/anupam-mishra-ji-gandhian-and.html

Sustaining Water Regimes – The Work of Anupam Mishra
Author: Jyoti Raina, Economic and Political Weekly | January 28, 2017
Anupam Mishra’s work on how the indigenous water systems of Rajasthan have sustained a water regime not only made it possible for a robust civilisation to thrive in the desert but along with his writings on sustainable use of water, also inspired a college lecturer to find solutions to her domestic water problem.
A Clerk Who Saw the Genius in the Ordinary – Anupam Mishra (1947–2016)
Author: Sopan Joshi, Economic and Political Weekly | January 28, 2017
Anupam Mishra’s personal qualities characterised his work. There are others who researched and wrote about traditional water management in India with great depth and commitment. Mishra, however, saw himself as the voice of his people, his society. He did not see with the eyes of academic objectivity or impartial commentary, but with empathy and imagination. He noticed the environmental wisdom in the ways of ordinary people and appreciated the cultural threads and values that carried that wisdom from generation to illiterate generation.

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